Our objective is excellence and it shows in everything we do, big or small. We are constantly striving to improve even our very best products, to make them more flexible, durable, efficient and hardworking. Our commitment to excellence in design, production, installation and after-sales service is the best guarantee we can give our clients.


At Ali, our focus is on people. We try to bring out the best in all the people who work for us by offering opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Each and every one of the people who distributes or uses our products is important to us. With Ali, there are no standard solutions: every customer has his own special needs and we are here to listen and find the best solution for you.


Ideas are born to be shared, especially winning ones. Ali Group is comprised of a diverse range of companies freely sharing a rich and varied heritage of ideas and experience so that we can grow, generating new business and new innovations for you, our customer.


Today it is vital that we make choices to protect the environment and our resources. Ali encourages all employees to work efficiently while at the same time delivering the best they have to offer. It is also our mission to limit water, energy consumption and costs, while at thesame time increasing efficiency and performance in our facilities and products. Responsible use of resources means safeguarding them for future generations.


We believe and invest in the future. Ali Group continues to develop with new acquisitions. We invest in cutting-edge technology, develop innovative solutions and conduct experiments in new materials in our research centers around the world. This commitment to the future is something our clients can count on to give them the best today.