Leading manufacturer of continuous churning gelato machines

The best ice cream is just-churned fresh. Up to now, only ice cream makers have had the chance to taste it that way. With continuous churning gelato machines from BGI, this treat is finally available to everyone. BGI is a young team that has realized this idea specifically for continuous churning and created an efficient and innovative solution. BGI offers a 1 cylinder countertop model as well as floor models with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 cyclinders for additional flavors. Very simple production of high-quality ice cream right in front of customers. The product is as fresh as possible and customers see the product being churned and served from the same compact machine.A new 1 cylinder countertop model has been introduced for the HORECA market. BGI’s vision is a world where the tradition of Italian ice cream can be enjoyed everywhere.