ELECTRO FREEZE, a division of H. C. Duke & Son, LLC founded in 1929, is a leader in the world of frozen treat machines. Their great dependability and ease of use has made ELECTRO FREEZE machines highly regarded in the American and world markets by both independent operators and large chain accounts such as Dairy Queen, Carvel, and Sonic. ELECTRO FREEZE manufactures a wide range of machines including soft serve, yogurt, shake, slush, cocktail, and batch machines. Both pressurized and gravity soft serve machines can produce an assortment of frozen treats including yogurt, custard, soft serve and sorbet. Customers are encouraged to "taste the difference" and experience the quality products that these machines produce. ELECTRO FREEZE also stands out for their many innovations in the frozen treat industry including a pressurized system that maintains exceptional product quality while providing ease of operation, maintenance and cleaning. Quality and simplicity at its best by ELECTRO FREEZE.