With more than 30 years of experience in serving hotels & restaurants businesses, DIHR is now a leading manufacturer of glass, dish and warewashing machines for commercial applications.
DIHR produces more than 35,000 units per year in 20 product ranges under 85 separate brand names, and it’s distributed in 102 countries worldwide. Having obtained 14 international certifications, DIHR is amongst the most qualified companies in this industry. With its high-quality, advanced production system and its unmatched manufacturing technology, DIHR is the ideal partner for professional foodservice and food preparation industries. Over the last few years DIHR has launched in the market several remarkable energy saving solutions: the patented triple reinforced rinse for rack conveyor and flight-type machines as well as granules-operated warewashers and last but not least Twin Star, the one-of-a-kind vertical dishwasher. Trust DIHR as your true professional in warewashing solutions.